We are starting to grow two new projects for the farm!

This year we will be experimenting with Duckweed as a supplement or primary feed for our chickens/ducks/geese.

Lemna minor, the common duckweed[2][3] or lesser duckweed, is a species of aquatic freshwater plant in the subfamily Lemnoideae of the arum family Araceae.[4]L. minor is used as animal fodder, bioremediator, for wastewater nutrient recovery, and other applications.
Lemna minor - Wikipedia

Next we will also be kicking off our largest plant based project to date. For the purpose of restoring our farm land to something that resembles a more natural landscape we will be planting a large number of Hybrid Willow trees known as the Austree.

Austree is a hybrid willow. It is a cross between Hankow willow, Salix matsudana and white willow, Salix alba. This willow is a very fast growing tree. It can grow 10-15 ft in a single year eventually attaining a height of 50-70 ft.
Salix babylonica - Wikipedia
Salix alba - Wikipedia